3 Key Outdoor Kitchen Design Layout Tips

Custom outdoor kitchen installation by Marlowe's We Care Company

If you’re looking at your backyard trying to come up with the perfect layout for an outdoor kitchen, the possible combinations can be a little overwhelming. But there are some design concepts that apply to every outdoor kitchen build that can make these decisions easier. At Marlowe’s We Care, our team can help you achieve… Read more »

How an Outdoor Kitchen Increases Your Home’s Value

outdoor kitchen by the pool

When you’re thinking about building an outdoor kitchen, what’s usually going through your mind is being the king (or queen) of the grill and hosting awesome backyard parties. But another big benefit of outdoor kitchens, on top of the great burgers, is that they give a significant bump to the value or your home. Estimates… Read more »

Can You Build an Outdoor Kitchen with a Small Backyard?

outdoor kitchen with patio

Don’t let the size of your backyard deter you. You can absolutely build an outdoor kitchen in a small backyard. In fact, our Hampton Roads kitchen designers and contractors love the challenge. A small backyard just means we have to get creative with how we think about and maximize your space. From compact appliances to… Read more »

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen with patio

Wondering if an outdoor kitchen is a worthwhile addition to your home? From expanding your living space to increasing your home value, an outdoor kitchen offers many benefits that makes sense (and cents) for homeowners throughout Hampton Roads, VA. More Space for Living & Entertaining More than a just space for cooking and grilling, outdoor… Read more »